Somerville residents consistently tell me that the following issues are tremendously important to them:

  • affordability,
  • climate change,
  • transparency in government,
  • equity, and
  • economic development that is appropriate for out community. 

As you will see from this website, I have an established record of fighting for all of these issues during my service on the then Board of Aldermen and now City Council.  As a quick example, because I thought that that the term alderman was outdated and no longer appropriate for our community, I introduced the legislation that changed the name from Board of Aldermen to City Council.  You will find many more examples on the specific issue pages on the site. 

I want to thank you for visiting my web site and I thank the residents of Somerville for having given me an opportunity to serve as a councilor at large. This “hands on” experience at the level of government closest to the people has taught me a great deal about being an effective representative. During these years, I have offered creative and progressive solutions to the pressing problems facing our community.  Feel free to to explore my background and stance on the important issues facing our community in this site. 


Here is a link to my midterm address in 2017


Here is a link to an an election interview  on Somerville Community Access TV


I hope you find the information on this site helpful as you make your decision for Councilor at Large in Somerville. If you have any questions about my record or my campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Bill White

During my service, I have received endorsements from the following:

  • Sierra Club of Massachusetts
  • Somerville Police Employee’s Association
  • Somerville Municipal Employees Association
  • Somerville Labor Coalition
  • Somerville Firefighters Local 76
  • Progressive Democrats of Somerville
  • Somerville Our Revolution
  • The Somerville Times in its November 1, 2017 edition had this to say,

    Some say Bill is the brains behind the Board of Aldermen. He’s been elected and re-elected President of the Board for several years now by the rest of the Board. Alderman At-Large Bill White works very hard and his research proves it. He is one of the best when budget time comes around. He reads and researches all the various departments to see if there is any waste or needlessly allocated money to that department. He is a good alderman. He is responsive to residents, both new and old. He knows the issues, whether it’s the present zoning to the new zoning, or Assembly Square or what’s happening at the Powderhouse School. He’s made his mark on the Board of Aldermen. Some might say he is one who is not afraid to ask tough questions of the administration.

  • The Somerville News Weekly
  • Dig Boston