City Councilor at Large

Somerville residents consistently tell me that the following issues are tremendously important to them: affordability, climate change, transparency in government, equity, and economic development that is appropriate for out community.  As you will see from this website, I have an established record of fighting for all of these issues during my service on the then Board of Aldermen and now City Council.  As a quick example, because I thought that that the term alderman was outdated and no longer appropriate for our community, I introduced the legislation that changed the name from Board of Aldermen to City Council.  On this website, I have specific pages dealing with each of these issues.  I welcome you to review them, but more importantly, contact me if you have any questions.    AldermenFrom 2013 – 2017, I had the honor of serving as President of the Somerville Board of Aldermen.  During those years, I was proud to have worked with our former Board of Aldermen to promote changes in the way that the Board of Aldermen functioned.  We amended our Rules and then the City Charter to eliminate the prior practice of aldermen nominating their successors when they resigned from office.  We also recently enacted ordinances prohibiting the hiring of aldermen for city positions for one year after they retire and prohibiting the hiring of relatives of members of the Board of Aldermen.  I also worked to update the Board of Aldermen page on the City’s web site to make it one of the most transparent web pages of all boards of aldermen and city councils in Massachusetts.  Folks can find the history of all items that are, or have been, before the Board of Aldermen, the discussion that has taken place on those items, and the disposition of those items.  People also can view all documents that are presented to the Board relating to any items that are before it.  As President of the Board of Aldermen, I have also serve on the Somerville School Committee.  During the five years of my service on the School Committee, I am proud to have worked with our School Committee and administration as our school district has continued to move forward.  It is now identified as one of the top performing urban school districts in Massachusetts.